EMPORIUM, Pa. (WTAJ) — A confidential informant who told police about an Emporium man selling more meth led to a drug bust in Cameron County.

Brandon Cantalone, 37 (McKean County Prison)

Brandon Catalone, 37, who was recently arrested for having drugs and brass knuckles, was reportedly selling meth and heroin from a garage at 110 S. Spruce Street in Emporium borough.

After the informant came forward and told police that Catalone was “moving more meth than they have ever seen” a case was opened with the Office of the Attorney General. Through investigating, police said that many witnesses/neighbors in the area complained about all the foot traffic. Police also noted they watched a number of known drug users go in and out of the garage.

Police set up a buy with an informant. The informant gave Catalone $240 for an “8 ball” of meth. After returning to the station, police said the substance tested positive for meth and weighed approximately 3.4 grams.

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Catalone was placed in McKean County Prison on a $50,000 cash bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 28.