Eerie history, rumored creatures lurk on Ralph Seeley Meeker Run Trail


CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The central Pennsylvania region is home to many beautiful hiking trails. However, there are also spooky ones lurking in the shadows.

The Haunted Hikes journey started by heading to the Quehanna Wild Area. The wildlife there has some creepy company.

The area is known for its wildlife, but it also has a lot of history pertaining to the Cold War. It was the site of the Curtis Wright Nuclear Reactor.

Some believe that this helped to create the rumored “white thing.”

Jeff Loeffler, who is trained in remote searches, has been hearing about the white thing since he was eight or nine-years-old.

“Everyone has different theories about it,” Loeffler said. “Some people think it’s a Bigfoot-type thing. Some people think it’s an elemental haunting. Others think it is just a weird genetic mutation or some animal that nobody knows about.”

Loeffler led a night hike through the middle of what is known as the white thing’s territory on the Meeker trail, which is a three and a half-mile loop.

The interesting elements lie off the trail, including the shelter where a man spent most of his life in the area hiding from a posse that ran him out of town.

“It gets a little creepy here at night,” Loeffler said.

The scene is a little eerie when you can hear coyotes and some bugling elks.

Heading off the trail and through a wall of rhododendrons, the area still remains where it is rumored that Mr. Meeker lived for decades. He hid out from everyone up on a hill.

“He had a door on each end and I’m not sure how he did that,” Loeffler said. “He had a chimney going straight up to get the smoke to go in the right direction.”

Though the white thing was not discovered on the hike, the sounds heard during the adventure make for a good trail to tell ghost stories on.

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