It was an emotional rescue Wednesday morning in Centre County, as a missing dog was reunited with her family.

Skye, a seven year-old Golden Retriever, went missing Monday night while out on a walk with her owners. She was last seen near Park Avenue and Bigler Road on Penn State’s main campus.

She was walking off leash when she disappeared. Her owners figured she had run away and put up “missing” posters around area neighborhoods, with no luck.

According to the Pet Recovery of Centre County group, the owners went back out in search of Skye Wednesday morning and heard her barking from a deep hole at the Penn State Arboretum.

Alpha Fire Company, Penn State Police and university Physical Plant helped rescue Skye. The fireman who pulled her out of the sinkhole said she was about 16 feet underground.

“When I got down in the hole, she came over to me right away and pawed up on me and stayed by me, for the most part, throughout getting a harness around her, which we made on the fly, and then lifting her up out of there,” Assistant Chief Dennis Harris said.

Skye was taken to the vet to be checked out. She is doing okay, given her ordeal and is back home with her family Wednesday night.