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Doctor faces charges

A State College doctor is in legal trouble.

The state’s Attorney General’s office said Dr. Paul Kattupalli put at least 20 people’s health in jeopardy. Charges were filed against him last week.

The doctor’s practice is called Dr. Paul’s Clinic. It’s located on North Atherton Street in State College. 

He’s accused of violating the Radiation Protection Act and Radiological Health regulations. The Attorney General’s office said Dr. Paul allowed an untrained and uncertified medical assistant to perform x-rays on about 20 patients, which they said is against the law and puts those patients at medical risk.

According to court documents, Dr. Paul’s medical assistant would allegedly use other technicians’ login information to take the x-rays. The AG’s office claims the assistant never wore a measuring device for radiation exposure.

Dr. Paul’s attorney said there is no case and hopes it will be resolved.

“Supervising his medical assistant who is not an x-ray technician to snap an x-ray while a patient is waiting to be treated is not unreasonable, nor is it inappropriate and I don’t think it’s illegal” Philip Masorti, Kattupalli’s attorney, said. “There is no public health concern and the patients who got x-rayed, who needed to be x-rayed, didn’t suffer more radiation admitted in their body and it’s not like the safety procedures were ignored. He supervised it directly.”

Dr. Paul’s case was continued for 60 days.