Dentists uses negative air pressure, air filtration for safety against COVID-19


“It’s constant pain,” Heather King, patient for Centre Dental Care, said.

Heather King from Philipsburg says that pain which has lasted all week has been agonizing.

“I woke up Monday morning, it was in the middle of the night, with pain and I just took some motrin and went back to sleep, and then it was kind of hurting Monday all day, but not like real bad,” King, said.

Dentists in the state were shutdown at the beginning of the week if they didn’t have negative air pressure and an air filtration system. King’s dentist prescribed her pain medication, but it didn’t help.

Her dentist couldn’t treat her, because he was shutdown.

That’s when a co-worker told king about Centre Dental Care, which has the equipment needed to meet state requirements.

“We have fresh air coming in from the air handler, the negative pressure is keeping it within this sealed part of the building, and then the filter is filtering the air, that’s in this part of the building,” Dr. Carnicella, said.

Dr. Nicole Carnicella, says the negative air pressure prevents a patient who might have COVID-19 from spreading the disease.

That’s because it removes the virus that might be in the air from a cough or sneeze.

The state health department modified their restrictions, Thursday.

Now dentists can treat emergency patients without using negative air pressure or air filtration.

Dr. Carnicella is keeping her set up, just to be safe.

King, a nurse at Mount Nittany Medical Center is needed now more than ever and is glad she can get back to work.

“I am in the front lines, I can’t just sit at home and take medicine to deal with this, until all of this is over with, the coronavirus,” King, said.

Dr. Carnicella says they will keep the HEPA filtration system at the office through at least the end of April, and then reassess.

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