Dealing with mental illnesses during a pandemic

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Altoona counseling service, Gentle Counseling LLC offered some free advice to those at home struggling with stress, depression, anxiety or PTSD.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that nearly 44-million American adults experience mental illnesses within a year. A licensed counselor and owner of Gentle Counseling, William Krill says since the pandemic began, mental illness has worsened.

Sunday afternoon, Krill took to Facebook Live to help folks understand why stress and mental illness may be affecting them now more than ever. He says when humans are threatened, they react instantly, trying to guard themselves for the unknown. Now that people are inside and isolated, they may need to take special care of their mental health.

Krill says “I recommend that if you’re in a family group that each person each day get some time, maybe an hour completely alone and uninterrupted so that that person can have some autonomous time because when we’re in a house with a bunch of people it will feel very very crowded or cabin fever like people say.”

And he has some helpful practices for those at home. They include engaging in positive thinking, eating healthy foods, getting some exercise outdoors, and following your regular spiritual practices.
He says to monitor negative thoughts and make sure you balance alone time with social time.

His six positive practices include:
Positive thinking
Positive emotions
Positive behaviors
Positive physical self-care
Positive relationship practices
Positive spiritual practice

Krill also says its important that you don’t stop taking any prescribed medications.

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