CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – It’s been over three years since Denny Bailey was charged for the brutal 2017 homicide of Chase Anderson.

And after extensive reviewing of the case, as well as speaking with the victim’s family, Clearfield County’s District Attorney Ryan Sayers, announced that Bailey will seek life in prison and forego the death penalty.

With at least another year and half to go before Bailey’s trial, Sayers says this decision will hopefully bring the family closer to getting some closure as well as save the county money.

“The going rate right now in Pennsylvania is approximately $2 million more than a standard or normal case. So over the life of this case which could be upwards of 20 years or more with all the appeals that somebody would file it could be in the millions of dollars saved to the taxpayers,” said Sayers.

Bailey is currently behind bars in the Clearfield County Jail.