Everyone who was part of this weekend’s bike race has a reason for biking 150 miles.  One couple we spoke with says this is really personal.
150 miles on a bike is not easy — but for Tom Klingensmith, cycling for his wife makes it worth it. “I do it for her.  14 years ago she was diagnosed and it’s the sole reason,” said Klingensmith. 
Tom has been a rider for the last thirteen years, starting one year after his wife was diagnosed with MS.  His wife, Sue, said, “Started off with a lot of tingling in my leg and  foot, could barely walk, took a few weeks before they diagnosed me, but I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had any relapses since then.”
They travel from Pittsburgh to Hollidaysburg every year for the ride and say they love the community they’ve formed.
“They’ve become family.  Every year I look forward to coming out here and seeing the people that I’ve worked with every year and volunteered with every year.  It’s been really nice. Everybody cares about everybody else.  They care about what’s going on in their lives,” said Sue. 
The cyclists left Hollidaysburg Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon — thankful to be off of their bikes.
“You know you’ve been on the bike for a while by when you get 60+ miles in, you know you’ve been there for a while, so it feels good,” said Tom.
Their goal was to raise $500,000 — all for MS education and advocacy.  The money helps people with their daily activities and keeps them as independent as possible.
“It just makes me feel so good, just the fact that people are willing to give of their time and efforts, gather the donations and the money to help people,” said Tom. 
With the hills and the heat — this journey is not an easy one.  But the riders crossed that finish line, some of them having ms themselves. 
“It’s just touching.  It just touches your soul,” said Sue.