Cyber school students not permitted to attend dance


Alexis and Jillyan are enrolled in Agora Cyber Charter School and they are allowed to and do participate in after school activities in the Everett Area School District.

Jillyan’s mom was shocked and disappointed when she was told that her daughter couldn’t attend a dance at the middle school.

“I’m very disappointed because she cheers for Everett,” explained Heather Logue. “They just won a championship. So they have a trophy my daughter helped win, but she can’t go to a dance. It’s just sad.”

Charter school rules say that if a student wants to participate in extracurricular activities they can do it in the school district they live in.

An Agora spokesperson stated, “There is a real fine line between what they’re allowed to do and what they’re not. Most of those particulars pertain to extracurricular activities like sports, dances, band, a choir, anything that does not happen during normal school hours.”

Everett Area School District’s superintendent says that the dance is not an extracurricular activity and it is part of a reward program for Everett students.

“This is designed for students who attend our school,” said superintendent Danny Webb. “This dance is about grades, attendance, and behavior. It’s about promoting a positive atmosphere in the Everett Area School District.”

Agora Cyber says that both girls have reached those standards.

“They have wonderful attendance, they’re very attentive in our school, and they’re doing extremely well in their programs,” said an Agora spokeswomen. “So if this is an activity based on merit they certainly have achieved that.”

Webb says he believes they work well with the charter schools.

“We don’t charge for our extracurricular activities. That is an option for us to do and as long as we can continue to provide those services without charging that’s our positions,” said Webb. “However, when we have specific incentives for our students that do attend school here, it really doesn’t apply.”

Heather says she wants her daughter to be able to have the same opportunities as other students.

“It’s really disappointing for her. It’s hard. She’s been planning since last formal. It’s a big thing for them, as young as they are.”

A spokeswoman for Agora says she is reaching out to the school to prevent further problems with attending school events. Meanwhile, Superintendent Webb says he stands by his decision and the girls will not be allowed to attend the dance Saturday. 

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