Crews continue to clean up oil spill, following Blair County burglary

Nearly two weeks after a Freedom Township home was broken into and its heating tank line was cut, officials are working to get an oil spill cleaned up.
The initial incident happened on December 8.
Sugar Run Spills is working on the clean up inside of the home, as well as areas around the home because although the homeowner has insurance, their coverage won’t pay for the cost of the spill.
Crews say nearly 500 gallons of oil has traveled about a mile down hill from the home in the days since, following the main sewer line, causing several homes in the area to now have oil in their backyards. 
Five different sites have been set up to combat the spill. 
However, a major concern for clean up is that several of the homes have wells that they use for their water.
The organizer of the clean up spoke to WTAJ and says area wells haven’t been affected since the spill, but it’s been slow work. 
“Weather makes it a little rougher. The ice and stuff sliding around, water melting, you’ve got more water to work with,” Walt Nichols said. “So it’s a lot better when it’s dry. We’re going to take all the contaminated soil out, it goes in dumpsters and then it goes to a certified landfill, under all DEP regulations and then we’ll put all new topsoil back in.”
Crews expect to be working on the project past Christmas. 

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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