Cookies for Caregivers


“Little did I ever think that I would be judging a cookie contest, during a pandemic,” David Wessels, Mayor for Huntingdon Borough, said.

Thursday, Huntingdon Borough Mayor, David Wessels, had cookie,

“Mhmmm, that is good, minnie chocolate chip, nicely dispersed chocolate chips, sweet but not too sweet,” Wessels, said.

After cookie…
“Definitely more of a homestyle cookie, this is like the cookie I grew up with eating,” Mayor Wessells, said, Wessels, said.

After cookie…
“It’s nice and lightly chewy, but not too chewy,” Wessels, said.

He judged chocolate chip cookies from three Huntingdon residents, before picking a winner on Facebook Live.

“I gotta’ go with my Mamma on this one, and cookie number two, is going to get the win,” Mayor Wessels, said.

They’re calling this cookies for caregivers.

It’s a way to show their gratitude for local first first responders and businesses open during the shutdown and encouraging others to do the same.

“I urge anyone to volunteer with a program, that is helping the community right now,” Mayor Wessels, said. “Obviously we still have to practice safe social distancing, but there are still commmunity needs that need ti be met during these tough times.”

“If you do it responsibly and I think that we want to make sure that what we’re doesn’t have the opposite affect, we want to show love we don’t want to put people at risk,” Scott McKenzie, said.

These cookies will be dropped off at the police department, Smithfield fire, Weis Markets and Penn Highlands.

“It’s been great to see the community come together and ban around the hospital and our staff here and I appreciate it and I know our staff greatly appreciates it as well,” Joe Myers, President for Penn Highlands Huntingdon Hospital, said.

The cookie team says they hope either they or other volunteers will make cookies every week during the COVID-19 crisis to give to local agencies.

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