Concerns with the current Faceapp trend?


(CBS) — This week alone, ‘Faceapp’ was one of the most downloaded apps across iPhones and Androids. With more than 80 millions active users, including celebrities, it uses A.I. to show people how they might look when they’re in their “retired years.”

Tech experts are warning people that they may be giving up more than they think when photos get uploaded.

The company who created Faceapp in 2017 is actually based in Russia, but they claim the data it collects is not sent to Russia. They also claim that most images are deleted from the servers within 48 hours.

Nick Thompson, the Editor-in-chief for “Wired” Magazine states that it’s a misconception that the app will go through all of your photos and no one has found any evidence that it does.

The DNC is not trying to take a chance as they’re warning presidential campaigns to NOT use the popular app, for security reasons.

Tech experts say it shouldn’t be a big deal, comparing the app usage to that of Instagram, which also accesses your photos, galleries, takes pictures, etc…

Always pay attention to permissions you let your apps have, no matter how basic the app might seem.

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