ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Community members gathered in prayer Tuesday evening in the aftermath of Sunday’s fire at Logan Hills Apartments in Altoona.

The fire sent Ned Shoenberger Jr. and Janna Schoch to the hospital with injuries.

“Janna and Ned are both not doing well at all,” said Cheryl Roderka, a resident at Logan Hills Apartments. “Ned jumped. He ended up with six broken ribs, among other injuries.”

Some of the couple’s friends gathered outside of the apartment on Tuesday, offering prayers and support at a candlelight service.

“Even if you’ve just met them or known them for a long time, for us to come together like this it really shows that they do have support,” said Angel Homan, a friend of Ned and Janna. “They do have care. They do have concern.”

The event was organized by Robert Smith. He became acquainted with the couple through their frequent volunteer efforts.

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“When you see a good friend, or hear about it, who’s in the hospital, burnt, it tears your heart out,” Smith said.

At the event, onlookers touched on Ned and Janna’s hearts for service. 

“To see a couple like that, and how big their hearts are, it just makes you wanna do more yourself. It makes you wanna be more involved,” Homan said.

In the wake of the fire, many offered a call for safety.

“I think this is a wake up call. We need fire escapes,” Smith said.

“If you see smoke, don’t just stand there and look. You know, dial 911,” Roderka added.

Physical and monetary donations to replace all belongings of the couple are being accepted.