Community members urge for help for Port Matilda EMS


People in Port Matilda say for small rural towns, it’s hard to financially keep EMS and fire companies running but residents are the ones who suffer if those services struggle.

In a Facebook post Thursday Port Matilda EMS announced they’re in a critical situation.
They only have enough funding left to cover their next payroll cycle.

Tina Confer-Pritts lives right down the road from Port Matilda’s emergency services.
She says the proximity is not a luxury, but a necessity for the community.

“I am very thankful that they’re here,” Tina Confer-Pritts, said. “It’s a peace of mind off of worrying like if my granddaughter was here and fell or something, they’re there.”

Tina says she and her husband donate to Port Matilda EMS yearly and for their fundraisers that come up.
She asks the community to help out the EMS, so they can help them.

Port Matilda EMS is asking the community to support them in their annual membership drive that is due to start this week.

This Tuesday there will also be a homemade soup sale at Port Matilda EMS at 7am.

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