Commissioners propose easier access for eastern shoreline on Raystown Lake

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If you visit Raystown lake you may have noticed there’s a section you can’t access.

But Huntingdon County Commissioners have a plan that will make is easier to get to the Eastern shoreline.

About a third of county residents live on the east side of Raystown Lake.

But they have to drive thirty miles around the lake to access it.

Huntingdon County Commissioners want to change that proposing easier access for campers and visitors on this side of Raystown Lake.

Dwight Rittenhouse lives and owns a lumber business in Mount Union and is excited about the proposal.

“The access to the east side of the lake, would definitely make my business a lot better because. We’re in the building business and it’s going to bring more people to the area to possibly buy land that’s for sale over there and to possibly build houses or camps,” Rittenhouse, said.

“We’d like to add some basic amenities, where people could go enjoy the lake, who don’t have a boat, picnic tables, picnic pavilion, small beach area, handicap accessible fishing pier,” Walls, said.

Huntingdon County Commissioner Scott Walls says they’re also proposing to add handicap accessible restrooms, campsites, shelters, parking for the terrace mountain trailhead and more.

That’s great news for Rick Worthy.

“If they could go to the lake, that would make a big difference for those people,” Worthy, said.

He fixes up donated wheelchairs and gives them away, through his non-profit, “Ricky’s Wheels”.

Worthy says the proposed wheelchair accessiblity would give handicapped people options they don’t have now.

“Because they love fishing and they love the outdoors and for as many wheelchairs as we’ve given away, there’s a lot that love to do that,” Worthy, said.

Commissioner Walls tells says some residents oppose the proposal.
The project would be funded by state or federal grants.
However, the proposal needs to be approved by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before the county can move forward with the project.

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