Clifton 5 theatre in need of donations to help keep doors open


HUNTINGDON, Pa. (WTAJ) – The Clifton 5 theatre has been apart of the Huntingdon County community since the 1900’s.

Loyal moviegoers know that when they walk through the theatre’s doors, they’re home in a way. They know the staff by name, and the staff know them…some down to the movie they’ll most likely choose, as well as their go-to movie snack.

“This is not just a Huntingdon staple but a family staple,” said employee Colin Morgan.

Providing the community with edge-of-the-seat suspense, laughter and even some tears for over a century, the theatre now needs something in return from the community.

“It’s bad, but just an influx of cash is what we need to pay the bills,” said owner David Peoples.

According to general manager Ariel Wagner, they’re very close to going bankrupt.

“After the pandemic hit, we stopped making a profit,” said Wagner.

Wagner and Morgan say they both were willing to work without pay if it meant keeping the theatre doors open.

“And we did, that’s just how much it means to us,” said Morgan.

People’s says if they were to have to close down, it would be a complete loss not only to the area but to the community, with many traveling from all over to stop in for a movie.

To prevent the red curtains from closing for good, they’ve started a GoFundMe page for the theatre, with the goal to raise $250,000.

“That would improve the theatre immensely. It would pay our bills for a good long time so that we could catch back up,” said Wagner.

They’re also hoping to help the show go on through fundraisers, like putting on their specialty ghost tours all throughout October. Wagner says folks who attend are in for quite a treat…and scare!

“I’ve been grabbed in Theatre 1, two different occasions. A girl that works here has 3 scratches on her from working here. Colin and I have witnessed people walking down the aisles of 4 and 5…and an old employee and I were sitting up in the office and an umbrella on the door lifted up and smashed against it and started swinging, nobody was by it,” revealed Wagner.

Dont believer her? Wagner and Morgan say to check out their tiktok thefrightclub for proof.

But that’s not all that’s planned, a special event will be taking place Nov. 30 to also help with fundraising efforts as well.

“We will have big names here such as April Busset ‘The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey’ coming to do readings, we have Mustafa Gatollari from the ghost hunters coming. It is going to really help put us on the map,” said Morgan.

Theatre workers says they’re hopeful that with the community’s support, the Clifton will be around for more centuries to come.

If you’d like to donate to their GoFundMe page, click here.

Or, if you’d like to buy a ticket to attend their Save the Clifton fundraiser, click here.

Last if you’d like access to place patrons aren’t usually allowed on a ghost tour, click here.

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