Clearfield County Jail inmates to receive mental healthcare services


CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Mental healthcare services will now be of access to the inmates at Clearfield County Jail.

The need comes after a major toll was starting to take on the inmates mental health who have to remain isolated for extended periods of time due to Covid-19.

“Our warden informed us about the inmates that were having mental health issues, and that they were deteriorating and that something had to be done,” said Commissioner Antonio Scotto.

According to Scotto, inmates are usually transferred to the state facility to receive mental health care. But due to limited capacity…

“It is booked solid,” said Commissioner John Sobel.

But the warden said the inmates needed help now.

Which is why they took matters into their own hands.

“We have a deal with CenClear where they’ll provide a psychiatrist, someone that’s qualified and their rate is set at $250 per hour,” said Scotto.

Which the county will fund.

“My understanding is that it’s mostly going to be telemedicine and they’ll come in if they have to but as much as they can do remotely, they will,” said Commissioner Dave Glass.

Sayers says these services will not only help inmates, but prevent a lawsuit pending in the future.

“The ACLU sued the Commonwealth four lawsuits I believe over a period of the last few years. From those the ACLU either won or were settled and it was in regards to mental health,” said Sayers.

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