CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – The kickoff to the Clearfield county fair is getting closer and many food vendors are on their final step before opening doors on Sunday.

The various food vendors are just one thing guests can look forward to at the Clearfield Fair. There will also be a full variety of entertainment options. For a full list of entertainment make sure to look at the story below.

From french fries, chicken on a stick, and sweets like ice cream and candy apples there is a lot to choose from. One of the vendors is the Redneck Shack. This year will be the second year their stand is open.

“Clearfield fair is I live in Clearfield county, I was just hoping one day to try and get in here. I tried it last year and it went off like a hit so I came back this year and I really enjoyed it,” Rich Davis, owner of Redneck Shack said.

Alongside the new vendors, some vendors have been serving customers for over 60 years such as The Apple Cart.

The Apple Cart was founded in 1955 and has been serving the Clearfield County Fair since its opening. They like to stick to old-fashioned recipes with their cotton candy and candy apples.

“I think the candied apples, they are the sweet old-fashioned original. they’re not grape, cherry, or lime, they are the real candy apples,” Betty Porter, employee in The Apple Cart said.

The Clearfield County Fair is also a place for families and friends to get together and celebrate.

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“I think the atmosphere, the people, the laughing, the camaraderie, it’s a come together kind of moment for all of us to celebrate the year we had,” Executive Director of the Clearfield Chamber of Commerce Kim Bloom said.

The Clearfield County Fair begins Sunday with free admission followed by the parade Monday at 6 p.m.