Clearfield Church trying to offer Child Care, tutoring for students


Students in the Clearfield Area School District will be going to school every other day, based off of rules from the PA Department of Education.

“We started to hear from within our own congregation and from just those in the community about how they didn’t know how they would balance their work schedules, because it’s not like they could take off every other day,” Pastor McCabe, said.

That’s when Trinity United Methodist Church Clearfield, Pastor, T.J. McCabe, says they decided to offer child care and tutoring for first through sixth grade students at their church. It would be called, ‘Trinity Kin-dom’.

He says substitute teachers will be the tutors.

“We wanted to work with substitute teachers, so that they’d have an understanding of the work that would be coming home from the school and in some cases even have relationships with the teachers that the students have,” Pastor McCabe, said.

Students would have their temperature taken every day, wear masks and social distance during the day.

Also, only certain students would qualify.

“We felt like if we did have multiple school districts that there was a possibility that if there was an outbreak in one school, that we were just going to help spread it to the next school district, so it is limited to the Clearfield Area School District,” Pastor McCabe, said.

It’s also limited to students going to school every other day, not online.

The church is waiting for more interest from parents to get the program ready to go.

To find out more and how to register you child you can go to:

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