Checking your furnace for winter


EBENSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Now is a great time of year to fire up the furnace and test out your heat for the upcoming season.

“Something could go wrong at any time I would check it every year,” says Sandee Yeager, Co-owner of Yeager’s Heating.

If you have an oil run furnace that doesn’t seem to be working right, Sandee Yeager, of Yeager’s Heating says you should call a repair person instead of trying to reset it.

“This is our biggest pet peeve here do not hit the reset button more than twice,” she says. Sandee also says trying to use more than one temperature setting to heat your home isn’t a good idea either and that it’s best to stick to one setting…

“Set it and forget it. If you turn it down when you leave and then when you come back it takes that much longer for it to heat up because its just not the air that it’s heating, is heating the whole room’’ says Sandee and if you are looking to buy a furnace, she says most folks are buying gas furnaces for the upcoming winter because of the low cost and less hassle. She says “the only downside is that the parts would be more expensive if it were to break down than a regular gas boiler.”

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