Changes affect candy tossing at Clearfield County Fair parade


CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ)– The Clearfield County Fair committee announced candy can no longer be thrown from moving vehicles and floats during the parade.

The reason for this change is safety.

“I’m standing on a piece of fire equipment, I reach into a bag of candy and throw it out across the crowd, one piece is going to fall down near that piece of equipment,” fair manager Greg Hallstrom said. “The next vehicle may or may not see that little child. We can’t afford to have people get injured over a penny piece of candy.”

Hallstrom said this does not mean candy is not allowed to be tossed during the parade.

Instead, anyone walking along the parade route can give out candy.

“We’re not asking everyone to hand-deliver a piece of candy to every child there,” Hallstrom said. “We just want it to be done safely.”

Hallstrom said the policy was already in place, it’s just being enforced this year.

The Clearfield County Fair parade is Monday, July 29 at 6 p.m.

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