Centre County homeowners getting help with monthly bills


It can be expensive to live in State College, but more than a million dollars in new state funding will get help making housing more affordable for some lower income families.

Five county groups are getting money from the state to help put energy-efficient equipment into new homes as well as older homes. This could help homeowners and those who live in apartments save hundreds of dollars in utility costs.

“I’m a take daycare teacher by profession,” Nina Fellin, Land Trust Homeowner in State College, said. “I would not be able to own a house in the borough of State College without some help.”

Nina Fellin, homeowner in State College says that help came from the state community land trust. She owns her house, but leases the land to the land trust, helping her be able to live here.

They’ve also helped her learn where she can cut down on monthly utility costs.

“The Land Trust did pay for us to have a home energy audit,” Fellin, said.

The audit showed her putting in insulation would help her cut down on her heating bill.

Thanks to the state awarding a combined 1 point million dollars with the funds to five centre county groups monday, more homeowners like Nina will be able to afford those pricey utility bills.

The State College Community Land Trust says they’ll be able put their awarded fifty thousand dollars into equipment for brand new and older homes that will save homeowner’s energy and money.

“Improve the insulation that’s in each of the homes, also we’re looking at in come cases being able to do a heat pump hot water heating system, as well as if we need to replace appliances, making sure that those are more energy-efficient appliances,” Colleen Ritter, Executive Director for the State College Community Land Trust said.

State College Borough Planning and Community Development says the seventy-five thousand dollars the Pennsylvania housing affordability and rehabilitation enhancement, or “PHARE” money given to them, will enable them to help homeowners in the beautiful historic homes cut down on high energy bills.

“PHARE funds will allow us to add insulation, replace windows indoors, those are things that we have limited funds for without the PHARE money,” Maureen Safko, Senior Planner for the State College Planning & Community Development, said.

The State College Borough is accepting applications from homeowners interested is receiving phare money to have energy efficient equipment installed into their home.

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