Centre County Commissioners vote for $25,000-plus vulture deterrent system


An unusual problem taking a toll on the Centre County government building in Bellefonte.

It’s causing the roof to leak and flood the building.

Most people don’t typically think about the top of the Willowbank building, but there’s issues here, and the instigators are vultures.

Vultures are creatures of prey, and in Bellefonte their victim is the rubber on the roofs of the Willowbank building.

“There are many areas where the vultures are attacking and pecking and creating gaps and holes in the roof, where when it rains we’re going to have issues with leaks,” Commissioner Pipe, said.

Those leaks are costing the county more than $5,000 in flood repairs particularly in the tax assessment office.

The Deputy Administrator for the county says, they’ve tried different tactics.

“A model of an eagle on the roof, to deter the vultures, that hasn’t worked,” Bob Jacobs, Deputy Administrator for Centre County, said. “We’ve looked at a vulture effigy, which was just put up within the last week, that hasn’t appeared to solve the problem.”

The county put $14,000 into patching up the holes on this roof, but the birds damaged those repairs again this week.

Now county commissioners are voting to spend more than twenty five thousand dollars to hire a pest control company to create a vulture deterrent system.

“Essentially it will be a wire mesh on all over the on the roof and an angle and it’s going to basically make it very difficult for the vultures to access the roof and destroy it,” Commissioner Pipe, said.

Commissioner Pipe says the contractor will should start placing the net and wires on the roof this month and be done by the end of the month.

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