Candy shop makes a temporary move


BEDFORD, Pa. (WTAJ) — Bedford Candies laid off 40 of their employees early last month.
On Wednesday, they set up their products at the Giant Eagle supermarket in Bedford.

Bedford Candies is just one small business that had no choice but to close. Their Marketing Manager, Gwen Querry was laid off on March 18th but she’s still doing some work to help out. It’s a great company, it’s a big supporter of the community, so I feel it’s important to do what I can to help out tammy and adam in the business,” says Querry.

Over the last few weeks, Bedford Candies had to cancel 70 fundraisers and 7 pop-up shops. Owners Tammy and Adam Wiley only have five people working.

Giant Eagle Supermarket reached out to them early this week so they could set up products in the store. They hope to encourage folks to celebrate Easter in any way they can.

Wiley says “it’s helping us and it’s helping the community to where we can still get the Bedford Candies products out that people are looking for and hoping to have in their Easter baskets this season.”

With Easter being their second busiest time of the year they’re seeing more traffic and hoping that in time they’ll be able to reopen their stores and hire everyone back.

Querry says “a lot of the employees that’s what they’re looking forward to too just sort of having some normalcy and we don’t know what that new normal is.”

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