Cambria County sheriffs get bulletproof shields


It’s just another day at work for Deputy Sheriff Ross Dixon, except, he feels a little safer now that a bulletproof shield is at the Cambria County Courthouse.

“Whenever we would stand here, we were out in the open. Now when they open up the door, I can see through the bulletproof glass. I have the option I can step back. It blocks us, it covers us. It’s a very good thing for us,” said Dixon.

Four bulletproof glass shields were installed last month at the Cambria County Courthouse, the Domestic Relations Office, the 9-1-1 Center and the Central Park Complex in Johnstown. They were awarded as part of a $10,000 grant through the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. 

At first, sheriffs had to adjust to working around the new shield, but now, it’s second nature. Sheriffs at the courthouse said as the first line of defense, the shield protects them so they can keep everyone else safe.

In his 20 years working in Cambria County, Sheriff Bob Kolar hasn’t seen any violent incidents, but he’s grateful they have the shields as an extra precaution.

“Just by having it up there, it gives you a little sense of caution. Plus, you can know that you can react if anything happens. You have a chance of surviving now,” Kolar said.

In the future, Sheriff Kolar said they’re considering adding surveillance cameras at the courthouse because currently, there aren’t any.

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