Cambria County man charged with kidnapping 5 month old boy


JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Cambria County man is behind bars for kidnapping a 5-month-old boy Monday night.

Police were called out to the Save-A-Lot parking lot in Johnstown just before 7:30 pm. on a report of child abuse.

When they arrived, Bruno Boyd, 45, was holding the child and alleged the child was being sexually abused by his mother and her fiancé. He also added there was proof in a picture on his phone, but it was dead.

Officers took the phone to charge it in their vehicle and questioned him further. Boyd stated he had been living in a halfway-house and ran away two weeks ago. He also said he met the mother of the child through friends and had been staying with her and her fiancé.

Boyd claimed he could hear the fiancé go into the child’s room at night, followed by screaming from the child. He also said blood could be found in the room.

The couple, who were also on scene, denied the allegations.

After a thorough investigation of the house, and a medical examination of the child, police found the allegations to be false. They also found Boyd had taken the child from the home and refused to give him back to the couple before making the initial report.

Boyd is now being charged with Kidnapping of a Minor, Interference with Custody of Children, and giving a Falsely Incriminating Another.

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