Bryce Jordan Center has 35,000 fluorescent lights replaced with L-E-D’s


You may notice a difference the next time you go inside the Bryce Jordan Center.

A nearly year-long project has been completed at the arena.
More than 35,000 fluorescent lights have been replaced with L-E-D lights.
Staff and the energy company that provided the L-E-D’s says those lights are better for visitors and the environment than the old lights, fluorescent lights.

“They (fluorescent lights) have flicker issue, that cause migraines, headaches, potentially autistic seizures,” James Tu, Chairman for Energy Focus, said.

“Energy reduction has a direct relationship to reduction to the carbon footprint,” Rick James, Director of Operations for Bryce Jordan Center, said.

Penn State paid $40,000 for the lights, and hopes to save more than four times that much money in energy costs, over the next decade.

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