Brockway residents fight heat during power outage

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BROCKWAY, JEFFERSON COUNTY (WTAJ)– A scheduled power outage leaves part of Brockway without power.

The power outage affected around 300 Penelec customers.

With the power out, by 11 a.m., temperatures began to climb inside Patty Esposito’s house.

“It is already warm in here because there’s no breeze,” Esposito said. “No windows can be opened in this old house. No fans, of course, because we have no electricity.”

Esposito said the outage caused a lot of stress because she couldn’t run her air conditioner or oxygen tank.

“I can’t breathe when it gets so uncomfortable and humid,” she said.

Down the street, Tyler Lewis and his dogs were fighting the heat.

“Oh they’re hot,” Lewis said. “I keep letting them out every 30 minutes to get fresh air. It’s just ridiculous.”

Penelec scheduled the outage to replace a utility pole and powerlines.

Customers were given advance notice of the outage– but not all had a cool place to go.

“I did not sleep all night long and I cannot wait to get the air conditioning turned back on,” Esposito said.

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