Body cam video shows deputy punching a handcuffed man in the hospital


Warning some viewers may find the video disturbing…

It’s body cam video showing a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy punching a man handcuffed to a bed.

26-year-old David O’Connell was arrested at this Walmart in Pompano Beach in January and charged with resisting arrest without violence.

His attorney says he declined medical attention but was still taken to Broward Health North.

Inside the hospital, cuffed to the bed O’Connell cursed repeatedly at deputy Jorge Sabrino.

The deputy is then seen closing the door to the hospital room.

He approaches the bed and punches O’Connell in the face.

He then proceeds to bend his arm behind his back.

He’d later write in his report that O’Connell tried to push him and charge him with battery on an officer, but the body cam video which the deputy even points to during the incident seems to show otherwise.

Prosecutors would later drop the battery charge

Now, in a letter to the sheriff, the public defender’s office is demanding an investigation.

It shows how brazen and how comfortable he is in using this type of force and that he will use it, even when he knows the camera is running.

-Gordon Weekes, Broward County Prosecutor

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