Blair County man arrested after drug deal results in overdose death


BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Blair County man is facing felony charges after a drug deal resulted in the death of another person on June 3.

Randolph G. Osterhout, 39, is facing charges of drug delivery resulting in death and manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to deliver. He also faces charges of criminal use of communication facility and recklessly endangering another person.

Police were dispatched to a home on North 1st Street in Bellwood at 1:36 p.m for a report of an overdose death, where paramedics were already on scene and the victim, Vince McFadden, 33, was confirmed dead.

Blair County Deputy Coroner Katelyn Taylor said the cause of death was acute combined heroin and fentanyl overdose. Taylor said the concentration of fentanyl is within the concentration limits of a lethal dose and that his time of death was approximately 11 p.m. on June 2.

The room that McFadden was found in contained discharge papers from UPMC Altoona from an overdose suffered the day before on June 2. Police said they observed a large spoon inside a dresser drawer and a capped hypodermic needle.

Police received permission to search McFadden’s phone from Blair County District Attorney Peter Weeks. Text messages on McFadden’s phone show that a contact named “Randy” asked McFadden if he wanted drugs.

Police said that McFadden and Osterhout agreed on a price and to meet, with McFadden stating that he needed a ride to Sheetz to access the ATM. Text messages show that Osterhout said he was outside to pick McFadden up at 10:08 p.m on June 2.

Video footage from Sheetz in Bellwood showed McFadden exiting the rear passenger side door of a silver Chevrolet just after 10 p.m., where he was observed walking into the store and the ATM machine in the same clothes he was found dead in, according to police.

Surveillance footage also shows another male in the vehicle, who was seen purchasing a can of beer from Sheetz. The vehicle shown in the surveillance footage is registered under Osterhout’s name, according to the report. Osterhout was also identified in the surveillance footage.

Osterhout was pulled over during a traffic stop on June 5, where he was temporarily detained due to possible warrants and the sighting of a fake handgun. He was released from the scene due to not having warrants with citations pending.

Text messages obtained from McFadden’s phone shows that McFadden and Osterhout were in contact on June 1 and 2, where they arranged a drug deal for heroin at a Sheetz in Bellwood, according to the report.

On July 10, Osterhout was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over during a traffic stop on South 17th Street. Police said the vehicle smelled of burnt marijuana and that after a search of Osterhout’s person, two knives were discovered in his pocket.

A search of the vehicle allowed for police to discover wax packaging used for heroin and a brown powder resembling heroin. Police said that Osterhout confirmed the brown powder was heroin after consenting to speak with officers.

Osterhout was spotted by police at a Sheetz in Antis on July 17, where a run of his registration confirmed that both his registration was expired and that he was a suspended driver. A traffic stop and a search of Osterhout’s vehicle led to the discovery of the following:

  • 34 wax packets containing suspected heroin
  • Clear plastic baggie containing two grams of suspected crystal meth
  • 4 plastic containers with residue
  • One plastic bag with residue
  • 16 clear plastic baggies
  • One metal spoon with residue
  • Six plastic containers
  • 18 hypodermic needles

Police obtained a warrant to search Osterhout’s phone on July 27, where retained phone calls and text messages did not go back a far as the time of McFadden’s death, according to the report.

Osterhout has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 29. His bail is set at $500,000.

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