Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer drops on Bill & Ted Day


From being excellent to each other, to giving death a melvin and marrying the princesses, Bill & Ted have amassed a major cult following that launched the career of Keanu Reeves. Now, 25 years later, Bill & Ted are back on another excellent adventure, or maybe it’s a bogus journey…

Orion Pictures released the official first trailer on Tuesday, June 9 (6/9) on what is unofficially named “Bill & Ted Day.” Why June 9th? It comes from the iconic moment in the first film when Bill & Ted meet a future version of themselves outside of the Circle K when they first meet Rufus. The boys ask the other version of themselves to tell them what number they’re thinking of. “69, Dudes!” they cheerfully belt out as the current time Bill & Ted look shocked in what becomes one of the most important scenes in the whole movie. A moment that would later come back to almost ruining their entire adventure when Bill forgets to wind his watch, even after the future version tells him not to forget.

In the third installment of the movie, Bill & Ted have yet to write the song that will unify all of humanity, their mission from the very beginning of the first film. They are called to the future to answer for their delay only to devise a plan to use the iconic phone booth to go forward in time to steal the song from their future selves and unleash it in 2020.

Watch close, William Sadler reprises his role of Death in the new film, although his purpose to the story isn’t known at this time.

Will Bill & Ted continue to be “Excellent to each other” or with this journey turn out totally bogus?! Will there be a new Rufus-esque guide for the two after George Carlin passed away in 2008? Are they still with the princesses? Will the Wyld Stallyns still rule?

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