Bedford Restaurant Responds to Coronavirus Challenges


A lot of us are trying to piece together what’s happening and more importantly how we’ll move forward. Our Morgan Koziar spoke with a local business owner about what it’s been like for the restaurant business during this time. The coronavirus has impacted our daily lives. it’s changed the way we’re learning, shopping, spending, and even working and it’s taken it’s toll on the economy and local businesses

“I don’t know, I don’t know I think most of our local businesses are going to try their best, but I don’t know that they’re all going to survive.” Sara Letzo is the co-owner of 10/09 Kitchen and Nick’s Sandwich Company in downtown Bedford. Sara says – these times haven’t been easy, “we’re just doing our very best to keep our staff working. We just want to keep people employed, um it’s been it’s been a little tough.”

Many Americans would agree that this time of uncertainty – causes a lot of of stress, “the anxiety, not just for our business. but for our families and for the world uh the anxiety is wearing the stomach acid is just…you know over the top, and trying to get a good night’s sleep when you’re worried about the fate of the entire world,” Sara said.

But Sara is hopeful that with the community’s support – they’ll survive, “in Bedford, we’ve got such a support system and if anybody has a chance to survive it’s going to be us because there’s a great team of people fighting for us here.”

And Sara says one of the best things you can do to help support a local restaurant is to buy gift cards, tip the staff, and order take out. She says that the businesses in Bedford have a great support system from the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, and Downtown Bedford INC. and The Bedford County Development Association which is why she believes they’ll be able to pull through this.

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