BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)–According to a recent Bedford County meeting, Internet availability is soon going to be more widespread for the county.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners approved the construction of eight new internet towers. The construction of the towers is phase two of the three-phase plan to bring internet to the area. The commissioners awarded Mission Control Partners to be the project manager. The county agreed that the company was the best match with the county’s dollars.

The entire project is expected to cost over five million dollars. The project is being funded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration grant, which oversees three different broadband programs.

County Commissioner Deb Baughman said the following steps involved determining where the towers would be placed, but there are ideas in mind. She said that some areas needing more attention are the Central and Northwestern parts of the county.

“Where are the areas with the greatest need? Where folks cannot just access broadband, and that’s what we’re working on now,” Baughman said. “This NTIA award today was to a project manager who specializes in constructing the towers and all the steps along the way.”

Baughman noted that the plan’s first phase was to install new additions for those with current broadband available, and the results have been well received. She commented how the county is left behind in what is considered a necessity in this age.

“Just like electricity, we believe everyone deserves this modern amenity, not an amenity but a need today to have internet access,” Baughman said.

Under the grant, projects are expected to be functional by 2024. The commissioners hope that once the project is done, this will help with the county’s development. That development includes bringing more families into the area and getting more housing.

“We’re creating an infrastructure; broadband is infrastructure, and it’s needed here. One thing when we’re talking to developers, housing developers. They’re looking for public water, public sewer, broadband.”

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Phase three of the broadband plan involves the installation of fibers across six counties.