Back to School: Knowing When You Need A Tutor

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Back to school season can be pretty exciting for kids – they’re getting new notebooks, backpacks, and supplies – plus it’s always fun to see those friends after summer!
But, underneath all of that, going back to school means getting used to learning again.
Many parents consider help outside of the classroom to make sure their kids are doing well.

If you feel like you may have forgotten how to do fractions or maybe your child is still struggling to read a clock or maybe you’re trying to get certified in a certain area and are nervous about passing that exam, Club Z Tutoring services offers help in all subjects – and with the first day of school right around the corner – they’re ready for another busy year.

Serving DuBois, Clearfield and Puxsutawney, the tutors are taking calls – and helping kids get organized for a successful school year.

“if they struggled in a previous school year with a particular subject, it’s a good idea to get some tutoring just to get them started on the right foot.” says owner, Tammy Torell. She says there are many reasons why someone can benefit from extra help outside of the classroom.

“if they are going to be taking the acts or the sats in preperation for college, then they might want to have some tutoring in those areas as well.”

And Club Z says they’re here to help – even when the tension is high.

“we have so many parents that call and say “i’ve tried to sit down with my child and it just ends up in an argument” and it creates a lot of friction between a parent and a child,” says Tammy.

Club Z has nearly 30 tutors, and they provide services in all subjects for all grade levels. even if you’re an adult taking your LSATS or a real estate exam!

And while many subjects can be difficult, and some topics can be challenging, it’s the moment when it “clicks” that makes it all worth it!

“Having the kid have the light bulb moment where everything kind of clicks and falls into place, with something they’ve been struggling with for a long time sometimes.” Brenda Shannon says sometimes all kids need is help finding a quite place to focus.

“I need somewhere that isn’t busy that isn’t at the kitchen table where mom’s cooking dinner, and my sister’s on her phone and my brother’s bouncing a basketball,” says Brenda.

And like Brenda, many of the tutors enjoy knowing that they’re making a difference.
“When they come in and say I already did my homework can we check it, instead of I don’t even know how to start.”

You can contact Club Z Tutoring by visiting or calling 814-375-4585.

In addition to Dubois, Club Z offers tutoring services in the following locations: Punxsutawney, Clearfield, Treasure Lake, Reynoldsville, Rockton, Sykesville, Oliveburg, Coolspring, and Anita in Pennsylvania.

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