Area high school seniors discuss presidential debate


BLAIR COUNTY, HOLLIDAYSBURG — Tuesday nights 2020 Presidential Debate has upset some local students some of whom will be first-time voters.

Students taking the AP Government course at Hollidaysburg Senior High have a keen interest in politics, which is why they had a lot to say when asked about Tuesday nights face-off between President Trump, and Joe Biden. Senior, Carrie Frederick says “I feel like last night was not only a waste of my time but everyone who watched it.” Her classmate, Jedidiah Lingenfelter says “I think both sides were trying to steer away from the questions asked to get jabs at the other candidate.”

Carrie and Jedidiah aren’t the only students displeased with the outcome of how candidates handled themselves. Their classmate, Katherine Avery will be a first-time voter this year. She says “I’m definitely looking forward to having a voice in politics even if it is in this time when politics are so charged.”

Their teacher, Micheal Rawlins had students analyze the debate in class. “It’s disappointing to show students that this is the best we can do,” says Rawlins. He explained that American voters have too many options when it comes to receiving information, which is why many aren’t seeing eye to eye. He adds “I might be conservative or I might be liberal but I need to understand both sides of an argument in order to frame my own opinion.”

The biggest piece of advice from this teacher … Research both sides before casting your vote.

Mr. Rawlins says about 90% of his students watched the debate. They’re looking forward to analyzing the next one.

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