Another viral cause of birth defects

Results are still pending on 53 people in Pennsylvania tested for the Zika virus. The state’s had 2 confirmed cases of Zika in people who’d been to countries where the virus is active.
A possible link between the  virus and microcephaly,  a devastating birth defect has raised alarm about the danger of infection with Zika. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, cytomegalovirus or CMV, is the most common viral cause of birth defects in the United States.   
At Conemaugh Health System, Perinatologist Dr. Adib Khouzami says, “the most common viral infection we see in pregnancies, cytomegalovirus or CMV,  one of the manifestations of CMV is microcephaly.”
The CDC says  about 30,000 children are born with CMV infection each year, in the U.S.  Most never have symptoms or problems, but  more than 5,000 suffer  permanent problems from the virus.
Fortunately,  good hand washing and wearing gloves when changing diapers can prevent the spread of CMV.

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