Altoona resident born blind inspires community members


BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — An Altoona native is proving that you can do whatever you put your mind to, no matter what barrier you face.

Taylor Carini is a man with many talents, playing music since elementary school.

“He was showing me the trumpet one day and he asked me to play a couple of notes to see if I liked it, and sure enough, I picked it up, and I was like, ‘yeah, I could be interested in this,'” Carini said.

And he doesn’t just play music, he also interviews and writes articles about local artists like Skyline Drive guitarist and singer Christian Douglas.

“He gets his questions ready and kind of accommodates the artist,” Carini said. “He doesn’t just have a script that he asks, he figures out who’s coming in, learns a little bit about them, and asks questions to kind of tailor it towards them.”

While Carini was born blind, he said it will never hold him back.

“I got different devices to help me out too, like my cane over here and a laptop that talks to me, a note taker that also talks to me, but it also has a brail display on the bottom of it,” Carini said.

Carini is an inspiration to many.

“He does things that a lot of people think you would absolutely need sight for like writing articles and having one on ones with people, but he does it himself and he does a really good job at it,” Douglas said.

And believes anyone can do anything.

“Really no different than any other person, I mean I know it’s a disability, but I don’t consider it one,” Carini said.


He doesn’t let his disability hold him back from his dreams, hoping to eventually get into radio and podcasting.

Carini graduated from Penn Highlands Community College with a degree in Liberal Arts and Science with a focus in Communications. He is currently working at ArtsAltoona.

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