Absentee ballots: What you need to know

The deadline to submit your absentee ballot is Friday, Nov. 4th at 5 p.m..
Sarah Seymour, the Elections Director in Blair County, said the number of absentee ballots is higher than usual and she is urging voters to get everything submitted in time.
For the first time, Venkat Pericherla is casted his absentee ballot for a presidential election.
He said he knows he’ll be out of town on Nov. 8, but said it’s important to make his vote count.
“It is not a hassle, if you are a patriarch of the country I think you should find some time to do it,”  Pericherla said.
Tuesday, Nov. 1st  was the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot.
For those who were approved, you can mail in your ballot., but regardless of the post mark, it must arrive at the elections office before the deadline to count.
In Blair County 3,166 people applied for an absentee ballot..
Seymour said that number is a bit higher than usual.
“Some you know who are older voters, this is their first time voting because they believe that this election is one of the most important in their lifetime,” Seymour said.
Seymour said  the absentee system is for anyone who knows they won’t be in their county, but if plans change and you are able to attend your polling place, you should.
“Even if they did vote by law…If you did apply for an absentee ballot but you do find yourself in Blair County, on election day, you should still go to your polling place to vote on the machine,” Seymour said.
If an emergency prevents you from voting in your county, you can apply for an “Emergency Absentee Ballot.” 
This application requires notarization.
For more information on your voting options and guidelines, click here.

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