Abduction attack shocks residents


In Curwensville, police continue their investigation into a vicious abduction and attack first reported on Wednesday.

We have the latest on what witnesses saw.

The Fuel-On gas station owner says the woman was soaking wet with no pants and was wearing a sweater and had a bag that had been placed over her head.

“I think she doesn’t have clothing on. She was wearing some kind of bag you know on her, on this shoulder area,” says Fuel-On manager Bobby Singh.

Singh, the owner’s husband, says he came about 10 minutes later, and saw police officers and several people helping the woman sitting on a bench, who was covered with a blanket.

Police say she’d been dropped off with a bag on her head and mouth gagged, and found herself in Anderson Creek.

“I think they used the same bag to wrap her head and they probably left that bag with her and she was you know from this side to here coming in with that same bag wrapped around here,” says Singh.

The owner says the victim was using the bag to cover herself.

“She looked kind of very scared you know and very nervous crying,” says Singh.

Police say several men reportedly abducted her, put her in a vehicle, tied her up, drove around, hit, and sexually assaulted her for hours on Wednesday around 3 to 7 p.m.

“There’s not much that happens here like that. People are always out walking and stuff and it’s always been safe before,” says resident Marcia Myrter.

“It’s not like they were out riding around and just decided to do it. They had the stuff to do it. They meant to do it,” says resident Thomas Plummer.

Residents are surprised to hear about the vicious attack.

“It’s a shame it happens, that people do things like that. You have to take care of yourself I guess, and if somebody attacks, you try to get away from them,” says Rebecca Esposti from Mahaffey.

The Fuel-On owner says she was shocked by the woman’s appearance and didn’t talk to her too much, but she did call police right away.

Police say they want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious vehicles on Susquehanna Avenue from 3 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday or at the old car wash between 6 and 7 p.m.

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