The day after the election, a local publisher had plans to stock shelves with a new book featuring Hillary Clinton.

Penny Eifrig, owner of the Eifrig Publishing LLC, said it was a bold move to have the book “Introducing Madam President” ready to go.

But after adding up the electoral votes early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump defeated Clinton.

Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

Author Nichola Gutgold said the book is an updated version of “Madam President: Five Women Who Paved the Way.”

“There are a hundred women who have run for president and they’re often left off the history books. Remember the ladies, you know, and communicate all the great efforts that women have made in American politics,” Gutgold.

Co-author, Abigail Kennedy said it’s intended to empower women and remind everyone about the impact of female politicians.

“It doesn’t seem like these women are such distant abstract concepts, these are concrete women who have made a difference in our country regardless of the fact that they didn’t get to the presidency,” Kennedy said.

Something Eifrig said will always be relevant.

“I thought that this is a story that I need to tell, this is a great story. People don’t talk about the female candidates, people don’t know that anybody else ran for president besides Hillary Clinton, before Hillary Clinton,” Eifrig said.

People like Margaret Chase Smith and Elizabeth Dole.

“Not only are these accomplished women but these are women that you could be like,” Kennedy said.

If you’d like to brush up on your women in politics history, and want to know more about the book “Madam President, Five Women Who Paved the Way,” click here.