(WTAJ) CAMERON- COUNTY, Pa. –. t was a great day for fishing, just ask the organizers who put on a fishing derby on Sunday afternoon in Cameron County,” This is the 68th year, it was started by my uncle and his business partner, they had it at their camp and here for a lot of years, organizer, Ron Andrews said.

The 68th annual Drum and Henry Fishing Derby was held at the Rod and Gun Club Sunday,”This is a great event, it introduces the youth to fishing, and they get opportunities, and every youth entered get a prize off the prize table,” Taylor Gillette of Cameron County said.

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The event — for youth 14 and under also provided refreshments and prizes for everyone as each child was allowed 3 fish as no catch and release was permitted, “it’s great it teaches the kids how to fish, and hopefully they’ll pick it up and do it for their lifetime,” Frank Armanini said. Organizers of the event say some 100,000 kids have attended the Fishing Derby since 1954.