2021 Presidential Inauguration is historic in many ways


(WTAJ) — On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden took the oath of office and became the 46th President of the United States. The inauguration ceremony looked different than past years and was historic in many ways.

Those in attendance were all wearing a mask and a sea of flags were in place of President Biden’s supporters.

“The inauguration ceremony has often reflected the mood or the temper or the times that the country is in,” Jack Barlow, professor of politics at Juniata College, said. “Inaugurations have had more and fewer people. When FDR was inaugurated for his last term he had a very small ceremony in the capitol because we of course were in the middle of a war.”

Kamala Harris also made history as she became the first woman to serve as the Vice President.

Former leaders of our country were seen in attendance, but outgoing President Donald Trump decided not to attend. He bid his farewell at Joint Base Andrews.

“It is unusual in the modern era for a president who is outgoing not to be present at the inauguration of his successor.” Barlow explained. “That hasn’t happened since Andrew Johnson. Before that it hadn’t happened since John Admas. It’s a fairly rare phenomenon in U.S. history.”

Even though the ceremony looked different than the past, it’s still a moment we all take in as Americans. A moment of importance that is celebrated by every president.

“The formal swearing in is a big deal,” Barlow said.

No matter the changes, the core of the inauguration will always remain the same. It’s a symbol in our democracy.

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