CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – 16-year-old Isabella Walls is knitting hats for Ukrainian refugees.

With many fleeing with only the clothes on their back, unsure of their fate, Isabella hopes to not only bring them warmth, but the certainty that despite being thousands of miles away, she stands with them.

“If I can help, I’ll do it. I hope it keeps them warm and they’re happy they get a hat,” said Isabella.

 So far, she’s made 59 hats, but says she has enough yarn to make 210 more.

“I think…if I can do math correctly,” laughed Isabella.

She was able to get her supplies to make the hats, thanks to the community’s support.

“I posted on my fb page and then I got a bunch of donations…too many donations, I had to take my Venmo and stuff off,” said Isabella.   

After ordering yards of yarn, she quickly got to work, even staying up one night until 3 a.m. to get more hats done.

Isabella’s dad, Calvin Walls, says he couldn’t be more proud to see his daughter doing things for others.

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“Bella’s been doing this for quite some time. The last few years she’s been making different projects to try and help people. She started with ear savers back in 2020 when the pandemic started making little pieces for behind your mask so the mask didn’t hurt your ears. And then last year she was making these hats for cancer patients, so pretty proud of her,” said Calvin.

Isabella’s grandmas chimed in saying she’s been knitting for quite some time and even makes hats for the family letting them pick from a variety of colors.

19 hats have already been shipped out, with Isabella planning to send more over the weekend.