The hit show “The Twilight Zone” is getting a reboot next Monday and no one is more excited about it than the owner of a New York business.

The “Rod Serling Experience” in Binghamton, New York opened its “Twilight Zone” Escape room last year.

It’s an adventure-puzzle challenge themed after episodes from the Twilight Zone.

“The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation called us and asked if we would be willing to build a Twilight Zone escape room, and we said sure absolutely if you can get the clearance from CBS we’ll be all over it and thanks to the President of the foundation board and thanks to Anne, who is Rods daughter, we got the authorization,” says Bill Bartlow, Director of Development. 

This is the only authorized Twilight Zone Escape Room in the entire country.

Fans say it’s only right that it exists in Binghamton because that’s where the show’s creator Rod Sterling is from.