WATCH: Nest camera catches police officers in N.Y., act of kindness


LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (WTAJ) — Homeowners on Long Island were surprised to see local police officers cleaning up their front lawn in the middle of the night.

As part of a local tradition, senior athletes from the area high school, toilet paper each other’s homes to celebrate the end of the season.

A little after midnight homeowners, John and Omayra Hall were woken up by their dog barking. After checking their security cameras, they were surprised to see two police officers, of the Suffolk County Police Department, picking up the toilet paper spread across their front porch and yard.

The homeowners were aware that their home would be involved with the school tradition but they were shocked to see this impromptu visit.

“We were so surprised to see that the officers cleaned most of it. We do support the traditions of our teams, but we’re also so thankful for the men and women in blue,” John Hall said.

The officers have not been located, but the department was thanked for this random act of kindness.

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