Jeopardy champion bets big to win big


In the world of game shows, James Holzhauer has no equal.

Last week the 34-year -old Vegas resident broke Jeopardy’s single-day record when he won over $131 thousand dollars and now holds the six highest one-day totals. 
During his 14-game win streak, he’s averaging $75,000 a victory. Significantly higher than the $20,000 per-day average.

The way Holzhauer wagers is aggressive. The professional sports gambler uses a method known as the “forest bounce.” jumping around from category to category, looking for daily doubles while keeping his opponents off balance. He is also known for betting big.

He picks wagers that have personal meaning — such as when he won 110,914 dollars in honor of his daughter’s November 9th, 2014 birthday. 

Holzhauer had 497 correct answers compared to just 18 incorrect ones, nailing 13 of 14 Final Jeopardy clues. He has a quick thumb, too. He’s first on the buzzer 57 percent of the time. (Credit: The Atlantic, the “Jeopardy!” fan)

For you Jeopardy fans, try this clue:  2-point-5 million dollars.  Answer: What is the record winnings James Holzhauer is shooting for?

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