Hemp could calm pets scared by New Year’s Eve fireworks


It’s that time of year again when we hear stories about how dogs and cats are often frightened by New Year’s Eve Fireworks but, this year, there may be something that could help.

Don Ford from KPIX 5 in Oakland, CA reported.

Pet Food Express is selling Cannabinoid Oil…known as CBD, for dogs, if your dog or cat is jumpy around fireworks.

Or just jumpy in general. They claim this will fix’em up.

“You do not need a card. It is not psychoactive and it’s not Marijuana-based. It’s Hemp-based. It does not become high,” said Linda Loza, Pet Food Express Spokesperson.

Your dog doesn’t get high. You squirt the oil into their mouth or feed them snacks laced with the hemp-extract CBD.

“Everyone gets mellow, yes,” said Loza.

Michelle Kay’s pit bull has arthritis.

“I found that the CBD treats really help,” said Kay. “She’s less stiff going down the stairs.”  

“Sales are GREAT!” said Loza. “It’s probably the hottest product of 2018!”

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