Finding the perfect Christmas tree this season


Finding a perfect Christmas tree is a must for many families this holiday season and recently more families have started investing in fake Christmas trees.

Tonight Nikki Battiste shows us why both Christmas tree farmers and retailers each say their Christmas trees are the way to go.

Oh, these merry, merry real Christmas trees are not just filling John Wyckoff’s seventh generation, 170-acre farm, they’re also lighting up homes and hearts during the holidays.

A choice the Christmas tree promotion board’s million dollar social media campaign is fighting to preserve by encouraging Americans to “keep it real”.

“I wouldn’t give my wife fake roses on Valentine’s Day,” said Wyckoff. “Why would you wanna have an artificial Christmas tree in your house?”

About 80 percent of U.S. Households put up artificial trees.

“We’d like to have an artificial tree because I have allergies. So we’ve had them our whole life,” said Jodie Finn, New Jersey resident.

Artificial tree companies like Balsam Hill are also stepping up their marketing and tech game.

Mac Harman created Balsam Hill in 2006 when he was disappointed with the fake tree options.

“One of the great things about it is comes pre-lit which is a huge advantage,” said Harman. “But also you don’t have to water it. You don’t have to sweep up the needles.”

If you are really torn over whether to go real or fake, one solution is to join the 11 percent of Americans who buy both.

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