Celebrating the New Year with fireworks at the Space Needle


It’s one of the most iconic and well-known fireworks displays to welcome a New Year.

Rachel Calderon from KIRO 7 News reported.

Pyrotechnics are shot from the top of the Space Needle and set to music.

With this being the 25th anniversary for the New Years Eve fireworks.

Pyrotechnicians started planning this summer while the Space Needle was under renovation:

“Let’s make it bigger, let’s add different effects, let’s do different directions. Let’s do fireworks that form different shapes and letters– look out for that this year there are going to be some letters in the finale that are going to be interesting,” said Dave Mandapat, Space Needle Public Relations.

In addition to fireworks, crews strategically placed lights in 87 different positions in the stairwell and the core of the Space Needle. LED and projection technology will shoot beams thousands of feet into the air.

“Last night we were doing some testing and it just looked gorgeous across the sky,” said Rick Franke, Illuminate Production Services. “We’re not just lighting the Needle we’re lighting the sky. Everything around it. It’s beautiful.

Part of this year’s $100 million renovation to the Space Needle was installing a glass revolving floor. So if you have a ticket to the New Year’s Eve party, you’re going to see these lights shooting from beneath your feet.

The theme for this year’s show is Celebrate Woman.

Every song of the show’s soundtrack performed by a female artist will be simulcast on KISS 106.1 FM.

The finale will be Respect by Aretha Franklin…a legend we lost in 2018.

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