Another gift card scam going around the nation


The Better Business Bureau says to watch out for scam artists pretending to be from your cable company. They are tricking consumers around the country into parting with their money. 

For Will Roberston, the scam began with a text message offering a discount on his DirecTV account. He called the number to hear the offer.

“You will have fifty percent off your bill for the next two years and will also get the NFL Sunday Ticket,” Said Robertson

He paid the salesman $425 with a pre-paid credit card as instructed.  When the channels didn’t come through, he realized he’s been scammed.

Dana Mead fell for a similar scam from a caller claiming to work for AT&T, who also owns DirecTV, and offered her a reduced rate in exchange for payment with gift cards.

He acted very smooth as if he had done this all the time, it’s part of his job.

-Dana Mead, scam victim

Katherine Hutt with the Better Business Bureau said: “They want you to act before you have time to think before you have time to talk to a family member. So a sense of urgency is also something we see a lot.”

Hutt says requests for untraceable payments are usually the red flag.

She also says if you’re interested in an offer but not sure if it’s real, resist the pressure to pay immediately. Hang up and call the customer service number on your bill to confirm if it’s real.

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